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Pearl Tizzie is a contortion-loving, multi-instrumentalist who has performed around Australia and internationally.

Proficient in bass, accordion, double bass, and piano, Pearl is a session musician with a love of performance and travel.

Pearl's love for dance and performance started at four years old and continued through over 16 years of Calisthenics and into adulthood. As a young adult, she spent a number of years learning belly dance in her hometown of Adelaide until she finally found her passion with circus and performance.

Known for her technical proficiency, Pearl is a highly sought-after professional musician who has performed in countless shows, and provided session work for live and studio recordings.

Pearl Tizzie Showreel
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From the Source

Pearl is one of the most motivated, driven and broadly talented people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She doesn’t do anything halfway. She sees every creative pursuit not only as an opportunity to improve something, but also as an opportunity for self-improvement. It is this passionate attitude that Pearl attacks every task with that makes me sure she is a tremendously worthy session musician.

Pearl performs on many instruments and is also an excellent performance artist. Pearl is a person of high character and unlimited potential.

Pearl shows a high level of competency in the understanding and interpretation of music. She is very knowledgeable in traditional and ‘modern’ music theory and knows how to apply her knowledge base. She interacts very well with other musicians and is a consummate accompanist who uses sound judgment. Her leadership roles in organising and arranging music require a strong degree of organizational, communication and academic skills. Pearl exhibits excellent analytical ability and makes a point to learn the melody, chords, and arrangements of all of the tunes that she plays.

Pearl is a multi-skilled musician with a ‘why not’ attitude. She is always keen to put her hand up and is confident stepping into a new musical situation. I’ve worked with her as an audio engineer and she not only brought an array of high quality instruments to the session, but was organized, malleable, and easy to work with.

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